Top 5 Steps to Securely Work from Home

We know that working from home can be new to some of you, perhaps overwhelming as you adjust to your new environment. One of our goals is to enable you to work as securely as possible from home. Below are five simple steps to working securely. The best part is all of these steps will … Read more

How to successfully work from home

Change into some “work clothes” It’s tempting to throw yourself at the laptop straight out of bed, but don’t do it. Get up, do your morning ritual with a shower and breakfast and teeth brushing and what you usually do. If you do not start the day properly, it will not go properly. It should … Read more

Electronic Coronavirus

coronavirus phishing

Since the biological virus causes panic in the world, bad actors thought to take advantage of this fear and launch specific phishing campaigns to steal sensitive information and spread the other type of viruses. Security company Check Point noticed that since the beginning of 2020 over 4.000 domains were registered that have “corona” or “covid” … Read more

OpenSSL SAN certificates from the command line

Since modern browsers need the SAN field to be defined in all certificates that websites present (otherwise they shoot an error), we’re offering one method to create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and another method to create a self signed certificate, both with just one command line, without having to create special configuration files for … Read more

Browsers will block HTTPS sites still using insecure TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 protocols starting this month

Over 850.000 websites that still use the insecure TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 HTTPS protocols will have problems getting visitors starting this month, when browsers will drop support for these old and unsecure protocols. These protocols were released ages ago, in 1996 and 2006 respectively and are using weak cryptographic protocols that were proved to … Read more

Let’s Encrypt delays certificates revocation

The Let’s Encrypt free Certification Authority has decided to delay the revocation of 2.7 million possible vulnerable certificates that were incorrectly issued due to a bug. The initial deadline was the 4th of March, however due to the fact that only 1.7 million certificates were renewed they’ve decided to push the deadline further. A new … Read more