How to successfully work from home

Change into some “work clothes”

It’s tempting to throw yourself at the laptop straight out of bed, but don’t do it. Get up, do your morning ritual with a shower and breakfast and teeth brushing and what you usually do. If you do not start the day properly, it will not go properly. It should be treated like an ordinary day in the office, if you want to succeed.

You must have a dedicated place to work at home

Following up on the previous thought, another mistake is to pull your laptop into bed. Or on the couch. Or in the armchair, in the pool, etc. Let’s keep it simple, it’s not okay to work somewhere where you can fully lie down or have your laptop in your lap.
The idea here is to define a place where you work and be productive, and when you leave the area you can disconnect. You should also avoid turning your whole place into a working area, so have a dedicated spot for work from home.

Get out for a walk

You should sometimes change the decor since staying home you are no longer obliged to travel to the office, so things can become very monotonous in a short time. Even depressing. Take a 30-minute walk daily. I do not choose a specific target, at the moment I go through supermarkets to see their stocks. Nothing bad will happen to me if I do not touch things and keep 2-3 meters from other people.

Use chatting more than usual. And use the phone.

Talk to colleagues even if you don’t have a particular task related reason. It is important to maintain the human relationships that were usually maintained in the office. If you do meetings (actually, video conferences), take 5-10 minutes in the begining to talk about things that are not related to work, and after that you can start with the agenda.


It should go without saying, but if you don’t do it in the office, don’t do it when you work from home. It’s better to take a walk when you feel the need for a break, because an episode or something on TV greatly reduces your focus.

As a final note, walking to and from the office was like a kind of natural barrier that helped you separate work life from personal life. Other barriers must be created when working from home. Turning off your work laptop can be an alternative, as well as disabling email or slack notifications on your phone. If there is an emergency, you must be able to hear the phone ringing. At the same time, a jogging after work can bring this barrier back.

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